About us

Our philosophy

Who are we?

Our founder

My name is Daniel and I am originally from Vigo (Galicia), although I was adopted in Madrid many years ago. Although I love traveling and I recognize that there are wonderful places all over the world, life is «from Madrid to heaven» (a typical phrase among Madrilenians that means ‘I won’t leave Madrid until I die’). I have lived here more than half my life and I will live here, if God wants, the rest of my life.

A few years ago, I started a project of touristic experiences, first they were segways, then came the cycles, excursions in Toledo and Segovia, experiences for companies… ¡All kinds of experiences in the city! This project is today one of the benchmarks in the tourist area and it is called Wonder Tours. Here, you can find a lot of types to walk, run, pedal, savor, interact and contemplate the city and its surroundings.

Our company

Now I present to you Wonder ApartmentsWonder Apartments is an apartment complex prepared to make you feel at home, in the center of the city, as I would like. From the materials to the decoration and the attention will be ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, so that you feel like your home, this is our main goal! We are located 100 meters to the city center, Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, Mercado de San Miguel and a few steps to the Palacio Real, maximum reference and a must if it is your first time in Madrid.

We wish see you soon here, thanks for your trust.


Cleaning and hygiene protocol Wonder Apartments

  • The safety of our guests is our highest priority. We have taken the necessary measures to guarantee that our apartments comply with the official cleaning and hygiene protocols to prevent Covid-19 infections. 

Compliance with official protocols

  • We act following the official protocols for the prevention of infections by Covid-19 of the Government of Spain, as well as the cleaning and hygiene instructions of the World Health Organization. We monitor any news that allows us to improve the safety and well-being of our guests.

Maintenance inspections

  • We inspect our property during each change of guests to ensure compliance with cleaning, hygiene and maintenance protocols. These quality inspections include checking smoke alarms and sensors, appliances, access to fire extinguishers, ventilation systems, and more.

Authorized cleaning products

  • We only use virucidal products TP2 authorized by the Ministry of Health for the cleaning and desifección of our accommodation.

Trained professionals

  • Our cleaning and maintenance team is made up of authentic professionals who always offer the best service.

Textiles, towels and bedding

  • All our textiles, towels and bedding are washed at a temperature of + 60oC, as dictated by official government protocols. Clean textiles are not placed until the property has been disinfected.

Correct use of PPE

  • All of our professionals use personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks and gloves, during the development of their tasks.

Cleaning and disinfection

  • We use disinfectant solutions to clean all surfaces on our property. This includes anything that previous guests have been able to touch, such as keys, doorknobs, chairs, tables and countertops, light switches, or the TV remote (among others).


General requirements

  • All guests (and anyone else visiting the property) must adhere to the rules of this vacation rental and other instructions provided by owner / manager Daniel Ouro during their stay.
  • Guests must notify the owner / manager of any disputes and / or complaints from neighbors immediately.

Noise and neighborhood

  • Guests will be fully responsible for the safety of children accompanying them throughout their stay, and for any inconvenience caused to other residents of the neighborhood.
  • Guests and their visitors should keep noise to a minimum so as not to disturb other residents of the area, especially during the hours when they may be sleeping (from 00:00 at night to 8:00 in the morning ), and when they arrive and leave the property.
  • Excessive noise is prohibited in any case and time, and can lead to the end of the guests' stay, eviction, the loss of the amount paid for the entire stay and a reduction of the deposit.
  • Guests and their visitors are strictly prohibited from behaving in a way that is disrespectful to residents of the area, and should minimize their impact on them and the neighborhood in general.


  • Guests are allowed to entertain during their stay for a limited time, however they will never be able to sleep on the property.
  • All guests must comply with the rules set out in this document, as well as the guests will be responsible for the compliance of our "House Rules" by their guests and will be penalized if this is not carried out.
  • If a guest wants to spend the night at the property, it must be communicated and approved during the reservation process or later, and will be subject to any extra fees in the final price. The property reserves the possibility of exercising an extra fee at the end of the stay if more people have stayed in the property than those shown in the initial reservation.

Use of the property

  • Any party or meeting of many people is completely prohibited with a financial penalty.
  • Any small meeting should take into account the rules already expressed regarding noise, neighborhood and visits.


  • Guests and visitors must follow the regulations and requirements that affect parking and be considerate of neighbors and their vehicles.

Trash and recycling

  • Guests and their visitors must take responsibility for their garbage and recycling and will not leave any type of residue in common areas or public areas.


  • Guests will have to turn off lights, air conditioners, fans and electronics when they are not needed to save energy.
  • They are not allowed to leave the air conditioning on when they are not in the house.


  • Smoking is not allowed inside the property.


  • Animals aren't allow in this propiety.

Damages and flaws

  • Any damage and damage must be reported as soon as you stay at the property. In case of not complying with this rule, part of the deposit will be reduced.
  • To avoid damage and damage, it is prohibited to move furniture from one room to another without the prior consent of the owner / manager.

Information for emergencies

  • In case of emergency, the contact number is: Daniel Ouro / (+34) 637 263 886


  • Failure to comply with any of these rules implies the breach of the conditions applicable to the property rental contract.
  • The owner / manager has the right to terminate the guest's period of stay if he or she does not comply with any of the rules of this house or causes inconvenience to neighbors and other residents of the community.

Together we will find the ideal site for your place.

In Wonder Apartments we take care you and your wellness during your time in the beautiful city.